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The Green House Atlanta Recording Studio in Marietta Georgia owned and run by Aaron and Nancy Kaye Hill
If you’re trying to record an album that sounds like an original amalgamation of your favorite albums or need help navigating your sonic nuances or artistic idiosyncrasies, record here. You simply won’t find a better team to work with. They don’t just have the “it” factor, they cultivate it.
Wade Sapp

It’s like if Muscle Shoal and Stax had a lovechild that was taken by the State and raised by foster parents, Sun and Capricorn.

Fester Hagood

Aaron and Rosey Hill of the Green House Atlanta studio in Marietta are an incredibly gifted marital duo of artists, producers, coaches and musical savants, who come fully equipped with a carefully crafted crew of local virtuoso musicians for hire. They will treat your project like it’s their baby, because they know their personal and professional reputations are riding on it. They make miracles happen and have a lot of fun doing it. Plus they are two of the most entertaining and hospitable folks you’ll ever meet. Best time and money you’ll ever spend.

Beth Moore

The most attentive and accommodating studio engineers and musicians in the business. Capture your vibe!!

Jeremy Jacobson

Great people making great sounds. Such a positive experience!

Jason Waller, Waller

A very cool place to record with lots of sweet vintage gear and good vibes !!!

Barry Richman

The most talented people you can find. They do the most amazing work.

Nikki Audet, Mutt Scouts

They’re incredibly talented at getting great sounds and creating amazing memorable music!! What a beautiful experience working with them!!

Scott Passaglia, The Coastal Folk

Only studio in Georgia I would consider going to. Unparalleled service and a very comfortable atmosphere.

Samuel Boice, Ill Faulkner

Very professional people that do amazingly beautiful work! Just loved every moment working with them.

Jennifer Hardy

The music that they helped me create for my commercial spot fit my needs perfectly. Thanks for the great work!

Dawn Skillings